Designer FAQ


  • Verified Trade Members Qualify for 20% off on items $100 or more 
  • Discounts are available in-store + online (use code FOUNDTRADE20 at checkout)
  • Items on Sale are not eligible for further discounts
  • Your discount is not transferable; however one-off transfers can be approved when necessary 
  • If you must pass your discount onto your client, written confirmation need be submitted with the client name, order #, and trade member sponsoring the discount usage


Trade members are permitted to take items out on approval under the following conditions: 

Local Approvals
  • A completed credit card authorization form must be submitted before items can be taken out 
  • Inventory can be out for 72 hours; after which you will be charged the full approval amount unless an extension has been discussed + granted
  • Damage to merchandise will result in purchase

Out of City/State Approvals 
  • Approvals will be handled on a case by case basis
  • Client is responsible for shipping charges, both ways 
  • Damage during transport will result in purchase of merchandise

Rental Fees

For staging jobs or photoshoots, we allow inventory to be rented under the following terms.

If you decide to keep 50% or more of the items out for rent, we will waive any rental fee. If not, we ask that you pay a 10% fee of your net total for "borrowing" the items. Damaged inventory will result in purchase. 

*  If it is discovered that inventory was taken out for a photoshoot/staging/event under the guise of an approval to avoid rental fees, the associated firm will no longer be able to utilize approval or rental processes.

Trade Checkout

To checkout online with your trade features (discounts and tax exemptions) included you will need to follow the steps listed below: 

Apply Discount 
  • Add items to your cart and follow to checkout as usual 
  • Use the code TRADE20 to see your discount reflected
  • Reminder: only items $100+ are eligible for discounts
Remove Tax
  • Add items to your card and proceed to checkout
  • Select the option "Save Cart"
  • Either send an email or give us a call and let us know your account name
A team member will follow up with a paylink reflecting tax exemptions promptly