Welcome to FOUND®.  For the past fifteen years, we’ve been proud to be a small, woman-owned business based in Houston, Texas.  We’re international in our style, but Southern in our philosophy—and our team is eager to help friends, old and new, create comfortable, curated spaces with a story to tell.  At FOUND®, there’s never anything in our showroom that isn’t hand-picked and loved. 

It’s our pleasure to place precious 18th-century treasures beside salvaged architectural elements; to combine the adorned with the industrial, the refined with the rough-hewn, the pristine with the patinaed.  That’s because it’s the soul of a piece that matters to us, not its price tag or provenance, and because we believe a fearless mix of periods and styles only enhances an interior—and the lives lived in it.  In addition to being preservers of the past, we’re sponsors of the avant-garde. 

That’s why we’re also excited to feature original works by artists and craftsmen from around the world, as well as pieces from the FOUND® Collection (created exclusively by Texas artisans), each of which is highly customizable.  We’re always happy to see you, online or in our showroom.  And our team can’t wait to share our newest finds with you, or to collaborate with you on your next design project.


Meet the Owner

Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis established FOUND® in 2007 with a goal to build a trendsetting home-décor boutique driven by a novel mix of period antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces, custom upholstery, art, and accessories.  In addition, she wanted to create a space to bring together artisans and designers to showcase product and concepts. FOUND® strives for an aesthetic that will expand its customers sense of what is possible with design - the mix is playful, unexpected and never boring.  And the result is a must visit resource for your home furnishing needs.