In all we do, we strive for a playful design sensibility. We throw out the rulebook—reinforcing walls to hang thousand-pound architectural fragments as art; a vintage prison cot becomes a spacious coffee table; an Indonesian rooster cage becomes a high-impact chandelier; mass-market next to made-by-hand. It’s contrast and balance we’re after, because the right mix lets you see the particular beauties of every piece in the room.

At FOUND®, we offer an ever-evolving collection of home furnishings and art that spans centuries. We source pieces all over the country and in Europe, finding things that intrigue us because of their offbeat color or unique details of craftsmanship.

We’ve become known for curating imaginative, bold displays in the shop that inspire our clients and customers alike. And we have close relationships with brilliant local artists with whom we collaborate to revitalize antiques and commission original works of art.

Though our look might seem effortless, we maintain our storefront with passion and rigor, which has earned us national attention since we opened in 2007.

Meet the Owner

Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis established FOUND® in 2007 with a goal to build a trendsetting home-décor boutique driven by a novel mix of period antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces, custom upholstery, art, and accessories.  In addition, she wanted to create a space to bring together artisans and designers to showcase product and concepts. FOUND® strives for an aesthetic that will expand its customers sense of what is possible with design - the mix is playful, unexpected and never boring.  And the result is a must visit resource for your home furnishing needs.