Design Services

If attitude is everything, then the spaces that influence our moods are critical. At FOUND, we believe in the importance of experiencing beauty every minute and without having to set foot outside your home. Great homes shouldn’t just reflect their inhabitant’s personalities and interests, they should go further—inspiring and uplifting the people who live inside. In our commercial projects, we believe sensitive design is key to achieving the sort of experience you’re after.

When we hunt for the elements of a new home or restaurant, we seek out details of intricate craftsmanship, innovative materials, and opportunities to repurpose. We are also uniquely poised to draw from our storefront, which has garnered national attention for sourcing exceptional pieces of furniture and art.

When we’re done, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Our imaginative use of scale, contrasting textures, and unexpected color magnifies the qualities of each finish or furnishing. Our composition of these elements reinvigorates our clients’ spaces with creative, playful energy. Where you might expect chaos, our blend of styles makes for unexpectedly harmonious vignettes. They compel you to pause and look closely: to admire beauty and to think critically.

If you would like to know more about the interior design services we offer, please reach out to us here.